Un-Bore Yourself: A workshop to help you fall back in love with your own core messaging


We all have some key messages that our potential customers need to know.

Maybe it’s a mindset block they need to get over.

Maybe it’s the basic principles of accounting.

Maybe it’s learning the Greek alphabet.

We *know* we need to keep repeating this message, because it’s VITAL for our audience to hear us, but at the same time, every time those words come out of your mouth, you have to stifle a little yawn.

I get it. 

It’s challenging to repeat yourself ad nauseum and not bore yourself silly.

But you gotta try. Because if YOU don’t have that little frisson of electricity when you talk about your key messages, how in the heck is anyone else supposed to be electrified???

In this 1.5 hour Zoom workshop, you will bring one key message you want to work on, something you know you’ll be talking about for some time to come, and something that’s lost a little of its shine.

Together, we’ll rediscover your passion for those stories, and we’ll practice different ways to talk about your message without needing to stifle that yawn.

When: Oct 1
What time: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST
Where: Zoom
How much: $25