Welcome to Cutting Chai Stories: Write Copy that Feels Good, the no-fluff copywriting podcast that teaches you to write copy you can feel good about AND gets you more clients along the way — in only 15-minutes or less.

I started Cutting Chai Stories in early 2020 as a bite-sized way to get writers over their inhibitions, and now I cover topics like what is copy; how to write better-performing headlines; how to use storytelling in your emails; what even goes into a sales email sequence and how to put one together; what readers pay attention to on websites; how to convert one piece of copy across multiple mediums, and SOOOOOOO much more.

Episodes are released weekly, on Thursdays, during the season, and feature occasional interviews with business owners who have learned to harness the power of copy. Absolutely free to subscribe.

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What Listeners Are Saying:


"Absolutely adore this woman and her podcast. Her writing prompts and examples are thoughtful and thought provoking. Jayati’s show is like the warm, comforting chai of her title, and every episode is a treat!!"

Lizzie Brayton


"I’m also just a couple episodes in…but the writing prompt of 25+ the bonus [episode] is awesome! So many items I can use for my own blogs. Thank you so much!"


“Like a refreshing cup of creativity.”

"I’m also just a couple episodes in…but the writing prompt of 25+ the bonus [episode] is awesome! So many items I can use for my own blogs. Thank you so much!"



"I listen to it every day and thoroughly enjoy it with my own cup of chai in the morning!"

Shaunak Sen


"I always loved to pen down my thought, but I genuinely lacked confidence on that and would shy away from showing it to anyone.

One fine evening, when I tuned in on Spotify, and scrolling down the podcasts I stopped at The Cutting Chai Stories and from one episode to another I was on a loop, and while listening to your podcast I was again inspired to write to create a wonderful world.

I would genuinely like to thank you so so so much. Your podcast is very useful and very motivating too. There is a comfort in ur voice which pushes me to go ahead and give it a shot to write.

You are a big time inspiration and motivation for me to start with creative writing. I actually keep waiting for ur new episodes. You are the best."

Shwetali Parulekar


"To say that I'm not an early adopter would be a gross understatement. I still do not understand what a hashtag is, not exactly. I have an extremely (extremely) short attention span and I very much need value-based listening. So when I found myself tuning in to Jayati Vora’s Cutting Chai podcast, I got excited. Jayati’s stories of drinking the milky sunshine under an awning in the pouring rain was full of emotionality. Each time I hear what sounds like a child’s whistle in the intro, it resonates again. I hang around for the sips of goodness and growth...

What hooked me first was her voice. She speaks in a kind of rhythmic staccato mixed in with a splice of expertly veiled sarcasm as she reads examples of pieces she drafts to strengthen her teaching points. She throws out various terms (with definitions) and jargon without overwhelming with techspeak. It definitely keeps me listening and learning...

I almost unplugged at one point. I felt a bit overlooked and left out when she seemed to be pivoting towards young writers and entrepreneurs: I’m glad I didn’t. If I had I would not have heard the part about ‘showing up’ perfectly imperfect and authentic. I would not have gotten tips about recharging my creativity, nor would I have heard her say that everyone has it in them to be a writer. She is everyone’s ‘pocket editor’!

As someone who has gone back and forth with the notion of writing since Freshman year (many moons ago), I felt understood. I had emailed Jayati several times and actually got thorough responses and feedback - every time. But listening to her podcasts reeled me in further.

Her sessions are brief. I don’t think any are longer than 15 minutes. And with my short attention span, that is perfect. I get real educational information; she gives practice exercises using a prompt, scenario or an anecdote of your choosing and then she invites you to post on her platforms or send via an email. Sometimes she reads a subscriber submission - once I got my very own ‘shout out’(!). But my favorite part is that she actually responds and gives detailed feedback.

Second favorite part: there’s no upselling. I’ve actually asked her to offer more (paid) sessions.

Almost every interaction with her is transformative in some way for me.

She has built a community of grateful creatives — yes, but I feel like I have my own personal relationship (with her). I bet I’m not the only one.

Thank you, Jayati."


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