Write Like You Talk

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Writing Like You Talk

A five-week online program for entrepreneurs that ditches the templates and teaches you the writing skills to sound irresistibly YOU when you’re writing your brand story, emails to your list, and social media posts.

This course is for you if ...

Feel like you are a left-brained, scientific, not very creative, bullet-point person

Feel like when you sit down to write, the words just don’t come

Feel like you struggle with posting on social media or writing an email to your list: How do I give people information and also make it interesting?

Feel like you can’t write conversationally, and come across as boring on the page

Feel like you have taken writing classes or done professional writing before, but are embarrassed to admit that you still need help

If you ...

Just launched a business and need to write emails to your list or copy for your website

Are growing your business and need to rewrite your copy

Know your email list has cobwebs on it and you need to resuscitate it

Keep reading!

This course is NOT for you if ...

You’re not willing to try new things

You’d rather just pay someone to write your copy for you

You want instant results and are not willing to do the work, put in the time, and trust in the process

I help entrepreneurs ditch the templates and learn the writing skills to sound irresistible when you’re writing your brand story, emails, and social media posts.

By the end of this program, you will have:

“Jayati’s writing course helped me in so many ways, but the biggest was giving me confidence to just write. As a college graduate, there have been times that I felt insecure with my writing and embarrassed to share it with others. Jayati’s course reviewed the basics of writing that I needed, but was too embarrassed to ask about because I should have known better as a teacher. The modules were quick and simple to get through, but thought provoking. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to spruce up their writing skills.”

– Stacy Cordova Diaz

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Tier 1: $297

This option is for you if you’re a loner and go-getter and have mastered accountability for yourself.

Tier 2: $397

This option is for you if you’d like a little group support and think you’ll have questions you’d like Jayati to answer.

Tier 3: $547

This option is for you if you’d like group support and the answer to your questions, PLUS one hour one-on-one with Jayati to edit your words

Success Stories

Deb Mraz, Transformational Coach:

“I never enjoyed writing because I struggled with what to say and how to say it. This course helped to bring out my creative style, while teaching me the skills to be a more effective writer.  I no longer procrastinate writing copy for my business. Thank you Jayati!” 

Gayatri Korhalkar, Yoga Health Coach:

“I am setting up my practice as a yoga health coach. I needed to find an authentic tone of voice to tell my story and make a connection with my clients. I wanted to learn just enough to get a head start in writing for myself.

Jayati helped me connect the dots and find a story worth telling, to begin with. In just three sessions, I arrived at a narrative that is insightful and that feels like me. I will continue having fun with the tools Jayati gave me. Writing for myself doesn’t seem intimidating anymore.”

Alison Arakelian, Smart Mom Entrepreneur:

“I have a Facebook group where I teach busy moms how to figure out their calling & take their next step. I was finding it impossible to sit down & write meaningful emails to my list. You hear all the time to grow your email list, so I did, but then the next step of writing the emails was difficult.

I was lucky enough to take Jayati’s course & promised myself to go all in & do it. Writing does not come naturally to me—so I was excited to see what this course could do for me.

Telling stories in my emails has been a game changer since I took her course. I feel more confident with how to write a story and connect with my audience in every email. Jayati is a great teacher. She was able to give us lessons in bite-sized pieces that made it easier to learn without being overwhelmed. The homework she gave us was so creative & fun. 

The extra tips & tricks she gave us makes writing easier and when writing doesn’t come naturally to you—that was a life saver.”

What's Inside

Module 1: Loosen Up

Before you dive into the deep end, you need to get over your fear of water, and that’s just what Module 1 is designed to do.

It will surprise you—in a good way!—and show you that you CAN write. Yes, even you who haven’t written anything since high school, or you who send voice messages instead of text messages, or you who learned how to write but haven’t used that skill in decades.

We will have fun (imagine that!) with writing, because who says writing has to be boring? We will try our hand at different kinds of writing, and learn to recognize our style of communication. You’ll end this module with four pieces of completed writing—wowza!

This is the module that kicks everything off, because first, you have to get out of your own way.

Module 2: Building a Tool Box

Enjoying the writing process is one thing, but who wants to read what you can write?

This is where we start to get our hands dirty and start building your confidence that you can be a polished and effective writer.

You’ll learn how to write more conversationally, how to liven up the written word, and what rules you can and shouldbreak.

You’ll also implement what you learn in a concrete way.

Module 3: Less is More

We continue our learning journey with the practical tools you’ll need to hone your skills as a writer.

Just because you can write all the things doesn’t mean you should—should you?

In this module I will teach you how to accomplish more with less, and the tool that all writers should use when trying to communicate with a large audience.

Plus, the secret thing I’ve been teaching you all along.

Module 4: Make it “sticky”

How do you ensure that what you write sticks in readers’ minds?

How do you tell a story?

How do you make people care?

How do you create a visual in readers’ minds?

How do you create drama?

And how to write a description of your Ideal Customer and your Brand Story.

Module 5: Use it or Lose it

This is where everything you’ve learned comes together, and you put it into action.

You’ll learn how to write an email to your list, and practice writing emails.

You’ll learn how to generate ideas for emails—never run out of inspiration again!

You’ll learn how to write social media posts so that they connect with your customers.

And you’ll learn how to repurpose the same content in different ways, so you’re squeezing the most juice out of every idea.

When you enroll during this limited time period, you will get

Course Name

5 Modules that will get you comfortable with writing, give you the tools you need to write confidently as an entrepreneur, build your writing muscles during each of the modules, get the strategies to making your writing “sticky,” and leave with a solid draft of each of the following:

Your Ideal Customer description

Your brand story

An Email to your List

Ideas for emails to your list

Social media copy


If you sign up during the webinar, you will also get my PDF Guide to

A Killer, Personalized About Me Page

If you sign up for Tier 2, you’ll get access to me and the other students in a private Facebook group where I’ll be going live every week to answer your questions


If you sign up for Tier 3, in addition to getting everything from Tier 2, you’ll also get a private, one-on-one session with me for an hour to get my eyes on your copy.


You’ll be backed with a seven-day guarantee

I believe in the value of my course and what I am teaching. I believe that if you trust the process and do the work, you will get the results—and others who have worked with me feel the same way. BUT it’s possible that this is just not for you.

So, by the end of 7 days, if you have done all the work from Module 1 and still feel like you’re not ready to start writing your own copy, you can reach out with the work you’ve done and request a refund. Details here.


Still making up your mind?

Give TKTK COURSE NAME a 7-day risk-free shot if you recognize yourself in any of the following:

—You don’t want to be hampered anymore by your lack of writing ability or lack of confidence in your writing ability (not necessarily the same thing).

—You dread the act of writing anything that anyone will read.

—You struggle with communicating your passion and belief in what you do with the world.

—You want to build your know, like and trust factor with your audience.

—You want to write copy that will attract new customers.

Whether you took writing classes and feel like you should know this stuff already or whether you’re totally at sea when it comes to writing copy, your lack of confidence in your writing skills is a giant speed bump to the success of your business.

It’s holding you back, and you are so sick of it. You want to be that person who sends out the emails that people open and click on and want more of. You want to be the person with the About Me page that turns the casual reader into your next customer.

That’s why you are ready to invest your time, money and effort in learning how to write effectively and never let it hold you back again.

My Method

When I was looking for a name for my business, I wanted something that captured my method for teaching—having my students write something right there, in the moment with me—as well as the feeling I wanted them to have while they were doing it.

I have taught writing to adults and to children, for fun and as a business, but through all of it, one thing has remained constant: I want all my students to know (not just to believe, but to KNOW) that they, too, can write, and I want to teach them to do it better, in a no-judgment, no self-deprecation zone.

I am a professional at this. My years as a journalist and editor taught me to recognize good writing, train writers to make their writing better, and edit it to make it the best version of itself that it could be. There’s nothing that gives me greater joy than to see someone I’m working with realize that writing can be fun, that they can do it, and that they can do it well.

If you are a baby entrepreneur, or someone who needs to make over their copy, I can help you with this. Let me.