Immersive Description and Writing from Memory

Welcome back to Episode 9 of Season 2 of Cutting Chai Stories! It felt like it had been a while since I had stuck to my original structure of story, writing technique, and writing prompts, so I made this for all of you who were missing it. In this episode, I share a short story about jumping puddles in the rain in New York, and how that evoked memories of splashing about during the monsoon in my hometown of Mumbai. I try to recreate the feeling of monsoon — the sounds, the smells, even the tastes it brings back — while also carefully choosing my words to make them pleasing to the ear. Writing from a place of strong emotion, as I did, can often unblock your creativity. But using these writing techniques will help elevate that writing and give it more of a punch. A dhishoom, even, you could say! Connect with me on Instagram @jayativora and @cuttingchaistories And if you like this podcast, would you consider leaving me a review at Apple Podcasts?