How to speak to your customers

Hello from Jayati, and welcome back to Cutting Chai Stories! Today I talk about how to speak directly to customers in an authentic way, with plenty of examples of how other companies are doing it, and a path for you to figure out what your own natural voice sounds like.

Think about unexpected places you can stand out with your copy Write from a place of genuine feeling and you won’t sound fake Write down the bones (and this exercise will help you whether you’re trying to tell your entrepreneur’s or brand’s story, or whether you just want the words to talk about why you do what you do, whatever that is) Head to my brand-new website for more information on how else I can help you with your writing struggles: And if you want to get in on my limited-time, small-group founding member discount, sign up for the waitlist to The Words Will Come, my new digital course for entrepreneurs who want to learn to write better for their business, and email me at cuttingchaistories AT gmail DOT com for more information.