Storytelling Tips for Entrepreneurs

Hello hello, and welcome back to Cutting Chai Stories with Jayati Vora. If you haven’t already listened to last week’s episode, my interview with Zahir Janmohamed chock-full of tips and strategies on how to do personal storytelling better, you’re missing out. Stop right now and go listen to that one first. If you did already, wonderful. I thought Zahir’s tips were so useful that I adapted them for entrepreneurs.

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I found them so valuable that I wanted to share three of those tips in this episode: namely, it’s a snapshot, not an autobiography; the self is a stand-in for something larger; and anchor your story in specifics.

In this episode, I take you why these pointers are important, and how to incorporate them into your business content (*cough* About Me page *cough*). If you’d like more in-depth guidance on writing your About Me page, you can get it here:

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