Words to Edit Out of Your Copy

Hello hello, and welcome back to Cutting Chai Stories. I’m your host Jayati Vora, and today’s episode is short, sweet, and oh so necessary! I talk about five kinds of words or phrases that we need to CUT from our writing. There are unnecessary introductions, ungrammatical phrases, long-winded ways of writing that we need to rewrite, adverbs that should be on the chopping block, and excessive description. Listen in for explanations of each point, along with examples of what I mean. Then look back at your OWN copy and do this exercise — what did YOU cut out of your copy? ANNNNND, I have an actual website. We’re still working out the kinks, but I have some freebies up, and an exciting announcement to make in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the site at www.cuttingchaistories.com. If you like this podcast, if anything I’ve ever said has helped you become a better writer, or a prompt has inspired you to write something, would you please take a minute and rate and review Cutting Chai Stories on Apple Podcasts? It helps to grow our community, and I would be ever so grateful.